Property Management

“You get what you pay for.”

- Gabriel Bell

Dramatically Reduce Vacancies, Cut Costs and Maximize Rents

SGT York’s Property Management services allows rental owners and investors to achieve all three without compromising on the quality of the services provided. Our team operates on a no nonsense, 100% transparent set of procedures that produce profitable outcomes for all parties. 

Our onboarding process

Step One

Interview-You get to know us, ask questions and we will do the same. We seek for this to be a collaborative process. We will also present you with our management plan.

Step Two

Property Audit-More than an inspection or estimate we throughly access the property’s structure, appliances, mechanical components (HVAC, water heater) interior and exterior paint, flooring and window treatments.

Step Three

Spreadsheet-Detailed calculation of the cost of immediate repairs and replacements; as well as a monthly escrow calculation so maintenance issues can be resolved in a timely manner. 

Step Four

Contract-Our contracts last the length of the tenants lease term. We believe in earning your business for each new lease. 

Step Five

Move-In-Ready-After the contract is signed our team will go to work preparing the property for occupancy.

Then we will utilize the most effective marketing and screening tools to find the best tenant. 

Step Six

Move-in & Beyond-Tenant walkthrough so they understand how to properly maintain the residence and the maintenance process if the need arises. 

Quarterly inspection of home, filters, and smoke detectors during the life of the lease. 


Step Seven

Turnover-With proper notice to vacate we are able to schedule repair, find new tenant, and complete the lease paperwork so the duration of a vacancy is as short as five business days

Frequently Asked Questions

Once an inquiry comes in for our property management services we will arrange a meeting for both parties to get to know more about the other. You’ll receive our management plan for your property.

Our property audits take around 3 business days to complete. 

Our property management contracts run concurrent with the tenant’s lease agreement. When the lease ends so does our management contract. We believe in earning your business with each lease and it keeps us inspired to go the extra mile.

We also present a comparable analysis to show our owner what a selling scenario would look like keeping them well informed and our business relationship transparent. 

Once the contract for management services is signed and executed we begin our work on the property, utilizing a 24 hour work schedule in some cases to get the property on the market at the earliest possible moment. 

We take every effort to be cautious when selecting tenants for our owners. We make use of background checks, interviewing multiple references, credit checks, and securing the appropriate deposits. 

All walk-throughs for new tenants are conducted by the owner of our maintenance company. This affords him the opportunity to show the tenant how to properly take care of the components of the home and also explain the maintenance process. 

During the life of the lease we will send a maintenance technician out to the home to inspect the home, change the A/C filter, check and or change smoke detector batteries. 

Pricing is based on type of property, location, and the owners requests and will be provided with the property audit. 

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